Raspberry Pi – Blinking LED with Java

Introduction This article describes how to implement the popular "Blinking LED" with Raspberry Pi using Java. This will also pave the ground for more complex programs as it will add the basic libraries necessary to access the Raspberry Pis GPIO hardware. Git Repository The example project for this article is de.raspirecipes.blinkingled available in the [...]

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Raspberry Pi – Hello World with Eclipse and Java

Introduction While looking for tutorials about programming the Raspberry Pi, i noticed that most examples are based either on Python or C/C++. However, my preferred [...]

Eclipse JUL Editor Templates

I have created Eclipse Java editor templates for JUL (java.util.logging), similar to the Eclipse SLF4J Editor Templates. Download the Eclipse JUL Editor Templates. Simply [...]

Genuinesoftware p2 Update Site

The "clean" way to create an Eclipse target platform is to assemble it from features installed from p2 update sites. Unfortunately, many open source libraries are not even [...]

How to download an Eclipse Update Site

There are many cases where it is useful to download an Eclipse update site: One might want to provide all Eclipse IDE features needed for a software development project [...]

Eclipse SLF4J Editor Templates

For all but the most trivial cases, a set of well placed and meaningful log messages are essential for maintenance and debugging purposes. So far, I have found SLF4J & [...]