Author: mhoe

Raspberry Pi – Blinking LED with Java

Introduction This article describes how to implement the popular "Blinking LED" with Raspberry Pi using Java. This will also pave the ground for more [...]

Raspberry Pi – Hello World with Eclipse and Java

Introduction While looking for tutorials about programming the Raspberry Pi, i noticed that most examples are based either on Python or C/C++. However, my [...]

Eclipse JUL Editor Templates

I have created Eclipse Java editor templates for JUL (java.util.logging), similar to the Eclipse SLF4J Editor Templates. Download the Eclipse JUL Editor [...]

Genuinesoftware p2 Update Site

The "clean" way to create an Eclipse target platform is to assemble it from features installed from p2 update sites. Unfortunately, many open source libraries [...]

How to download an Eclipse Update Site

There are many cases where it is useful to download an Eclipse update site: One might want to provide all Eclipse IDE features needed for a software [...]

Eclipse SLF4J Editor Templates

For all but the most trivial cases, a set of well placed and meaningful log messages are essential for maintenance and debugging purposes. So far, I have [...]